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Now a professional consultant and trainer, I am a highly experienced senior police leader of over 31 years’ service with demonstrated abilities to develop, train and lead diverse teams to high levels of success. I am proud to lead to success with a high level of professionalism and my background in incident command and training informs my committed approach.
I am an accomplished investigator, tactical & critical incident commander, trainer, experienced in international emergency management response and a 20 year hostage/crisis negotiator. I have achieved expertise in developing training, policy and process standards in critical incident response, crisis negotiations, crisis de-escalation as well as response to crimes against vulnerable victims at a National Level.
I am proud to offer you expert consultancy solutions.

MRCS Services

Proven Results

As an experienced professional, my services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients; from the public safety sector, education, health care, government agencies and police services of all sizes across Canada, the USA and Europe.  I am able to deliver lasting changes with measurable  successes and rely on the expertise of other subject matter experts to strengthen the results.               

From expert training to policy and process development, to critical incident reponse education at all levels, MRCS is able to offer consulting services to exceed your expectations.


Consulting Services

Looking to develop your leaders, critical incident management plan or training direction ..  need help planning or executing your next project?
Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means collaborating towards change within the organization where the action makes sense—in other words, not only getting the client the results they need,  but providing enough support so that the movement will be successful.
To do that, a consultant needs exemplary problem-solving skills and the ability to guide the client through the logic of analysis and facilitate client training and learning.

  • Promotional Process Development

  • 911 Call Taker / Dispatcher Training Program

  • Sexual Violence Review Model

  • Critical Incident Response Program

  • Operational Planning for Critical Incidents 

  • Trauma Informed Response Program Development


Expert Training & Customized Training Development

A police or public safety training program tailored or customized to meet organizational needs for staff development can improve organization performance. Let's reskill and upskill your team with knowledge and skills specific to your organizational needs, support career development for your team, standardize and support consistency in processes, systems and outcomes and build team performance. 

  • Critical Incident Commander 

  • Critical Incident Response for Frontline Supervisors

  • Critical Incident Scribe (Police, Fire, Investigations, Emergency Management)

  • Critical Incident Response and De-escalation for 911

  • Crisis De-escalation Training

  • Crisis Negotiator Training

  • Crisis Negotiations and Intervention Techniques for Public Safety Professionals / Mobile Mental Health Teams 

  • Operational Planning Course

  • Customized In-service Training 


Collaborative Success

Monique Rollin Consulting Solutions Inc. helps you not only reach, but exceed your goals. My varied experience helps me lay out a strategy that perfectly fits my clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action.

​Click to Learn about some of my past accomplishments and projects to see what we can do together.


Working Together 

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you achieve results that matter.

Course Catalog

Several of our popular training courses are listed below.

Contact us for additional course information, learning details, quote and delivery options.

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Trauma Informed Approach to Sexual Violence Investigations:

Training Program for Police Investigators

The complexities of serious traumatic offences like sexual assault, intimate partner violence, gender based violence and bias related offences must always warrant full and thorough trauma-informed responsiveness by police investigators.  By integrating understandings of trauma into all elements of investigative practice, a trauma-informed approach prioritizes emotional and physical safety with common police practices, interventions, and responses.  Understanding how to interview through a trauma-informed lens is paramount towards a successful investigation

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Crisis De-escalation and Intervention

for Police Officers

and Frontline Responders

This training is designed to help your organization create a culture of safety. This two day training course is designed to train responders to communicate with and de-escalate individuals who are escalated, intoxicated, experiencing mental illness, actively suicidal or in a state of crisis. Training modules include education on understanding common mental illnesses and appropriate response, providing trauma informed response to persons experiencing crisis and suicide intervention.

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Critical Incident Command Scribe Course

This four day Critical Incident Command Scribe Course designed for operational scribes, both sworn and civilian, to support police leaders who are required to assume command of police operations during critical incidents. The course will focus on instruction for members assigned to an operational support role as recorders for the Incident Commander and support for the incident command post (ICP) team. An IC scribe requires necessary knowledge, judgment and situational awareness essential to assist the Incident Commander and to record accurate information during critical incidents.

The Incident Command Scribe Course will provide education and training in the importance of the scribe/recorder function and introduce methods and best practices to develop accurate record keeping and command post management skills. Scribes will receive the same Critical Incident Command instruction as Incident Commanders on incident response appropriate for low frequency/high risk/high stress environments where critical decision making is conducted with information and time limitations.

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Crisis De-escalation and Intervention

for Police Communicators  

This one day training course is designed to train police communicators (call takers / dispatchers) to manage calls for service involving individuals who are escalated, experiencing mental illness, actively suicidal or in a state of crisis.  Optional additional training modules include additional education for police communicators on understanding common mental illnesses and appropriate response, critical incident response supporting critical incident management teams (i.e. tactical and public order) and advanced crisis negotiations.

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Operational Planning for Fire Investigations

MRCS has developed a two day training program for Fire Services in compliance with legislative, regulatory and service requirements. The training program will review applicable legislation as it applies to Fire Investigations including FPPA, POA, Criminal Code search and seizure law as applicable and facilitate organizations the ability to create a SMEAC operational planning manual and supporting templated planning documents. A detailed, well-researched and approved operational plan ensures all parties understand the mission, scope of their authorities, what they can do, what they cannot do, roles, responsibilities, expectations, and cooperation strategies with a goal of risk reduction practices and principles for public safety.

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Crisis Negotiation



Techniques for Service, Security and Public Safety Professionals 

Monique Rollin Consulting Solutions Inc. provides a customized Crisis Negotiation and Intervention Techniques (CNIT) course designed for frontline safety professionals who could benefit from the skills that Law Enforcement Crisis Negotiators use in crisis intervention, de-escalation and techniques used to communicate with people who are in a state of crisis, threatening violence or a public safe risk. This CNIT course was reviewed by a Forensic Psychologist and was accredited by Wilfred Laurier University for Paradigm Professional Institute in fall of 2022. Training is  remote, instructor led and can be customized to length, needs and delivery format.

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Fire Services Major Incident: 

Scribe and

Incident Command Post Course

The Fire Scribe Course is a three day operational scribe training program designed for incident management team members who support the Incident Commander, and/or  EPRU, HAZMAT, HUSAR and investigation team leaders who are required to assume Incident Command in major incidents. The course will focus on instruction for members reassigned to a critical information management role within a command post.  The Fire Scribe Course will provide education and training on the importance of the scribe/recorder function in a major incident and introduce methods and best practices to develop note-taking and record-keeping skills wiithin a command post.  

Scribe Course for

Emergency Management 

MRCS provides an Incident Command Scribe Course designed for an EOC (Emergency Operation Centre), Emergency Management Operation or Command Post to support leaders who are required to assume command of emergency management in major incidents. The customized course will focus on instruction following both the IMS  / ICS response with instruction for personnel assigned to an operational support role assisting the EOC Director, EM Incident Commander, Command Post Incident Commanders or Section Chiefs as assigned. An EOC or IC scribe requires necessary knowledge and judgement essential to assist the Incident Commander and record information during all levels of emergency response.  This course will also allow the scribe to gain an understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of all members your Emergency Command Group while deployed in an Emergency Operations Centre or Incident Command Post in order to understand their own critical roles and responsibilities and become part of the communal team effort and effective resolution of emergency or critical incidents.


A Scribe Guidebook / Manual will be disseminated to candidates specific to the course objectives which will include references, acronyms, roles and responsibilities, note taking procedures, forms, policies, sample note pages and best practice guidelines.

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Specialized Critical Incident
Response Training:

(contact us for Course Information

and Learning Objectives)

  • Critical Incident Response: Frontline Supervisor

  • Critical Incident Commander's Course

  • Crisis Negotiator

  • Crisis Negotiator Refresher

  • Advanced Crisis Negotiator Course 

  • Emergency Management: Victim Response Planning 

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At Monique Rollin Consulting Solutions Inc., we are fortunate to be able to collaborate with an exceptional team of consultants who are subject matter experts in their own fields. By joining forces with this group of professionals, we are committed to providing strategic solutions combined with a team approach.

Learn more about this team of talented associates below.

M Willford.jpg

Mike Willford

Training and Development Consultant

Mike Willford has been a police officer for 20 years. He was a member of the RCMP for 15 years before joining the Abbotsford Police Department and has been commended for his crisis negotiation skills. Presently assigned as the Sgt. to the Gang Crime Unit, he is also a member of the Lower Mainland Integrated Crisis Negotiation Team and is hostage for ransom “Red Centre” trained. In addition to training Crisis Negotiators, Mike is a strong advocate on first responder mental health. Mike speaks and advocates about educating responders and getting help before there is an issue, being supportive of members speaking openly about their own mental health struggles and the importance of being vocal and vulnerable. Mike is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and plans to work as a counselor with first responders and military veterans.  Mike has taken on an adjunct instructor role and will also be training 911 communicators, police and frontline responders in Crisis De-escalation and Intervention with MRCS.

Lussow 2_edited.jpg

Christopher Lussow 

Police Training Expertise

Christopher Lussow is a decorated 33-year veteran of the Toronto Police Service, with twenty years dedicated to the Emergency Task Force (ETF/SWAT). He was a Team Leader and Senior Instructor for a 90-member tactical response unit. In these roles, he led major project planning, intelligence support, operational response, and tactical training. The successes he brought to these positions were borne from his organizational skills and interoperability development that created essential Joint Forces Operations and Hostage Rescue training programs for domestic and international tactical law enforcement officers.  Chris is a a Master Instructor in the use of  OC, Chemical Munitions, Less Lethal Impact Munitions and Distraction Devices.


Christopher’s professional experiences led him to create a national peer-support program for officer-involved shootings, providing direct officer-to-officer connection and mentorship that focuses on mental well-being, post-incident investigation, and inquest expectations.


Recently Chris was assigned as a Primary Investigator for the Mass Casualty Commission in Nova Scotia as an expert in police response. He recently assisted MRCS as an Instructor in a Critical Incident Commanders course for police services in the Maritimes. Chris is a member of the Nova Scotia DOJ provincial use of force committee. 


Andrea Koolick 

Police Leadership, All Hazards and Emergency Management Expertise

Staff Sergeant Andrea Koolick has been an officer with the Calgary Police Service for 24 years. She has worked in various divisions including Patrol, Major Crimes, and the Victim Assistance Support Team. She held the Deputy Operations Chief role in the Covid Incident Management Team throughout the pandemic. She was then promoted and transferred to lead an investigative unit comprised of detectives, surveillance members, and community resource officers in Calgary’s largest police district.

Her spark for Emergency Management was born through Victim Assistance while contributing to the National Working Group for Victims of Terrorism. She has gathered best practices from the UK, FBI, and European countries to bring back to Calgary to implement these practices into the City of Calgary’s victim response plan. She has a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management and will graduate in April 2024 with a Master’s Degree in Public Safety.


Carl Emery 

International Police Training Expertise

Carl Emery is as an executive member of the Geneva Cantonal Police in Switzerland currently assigned as a commissioned officer (Major) with the Police Academy of Savatan and is operational in training police recruits.  Carl deployed on a mission as a peacekeeper in Mali for the UN as a UNPOL (United Nations Police Officer) for the MINUSMA Mission where he was responsible for the reform of the cavalry units of the Malian Police.  In addition to his police training expertise, Carl was a world champion full contact kick boxer and is the technical director of 15 kickboxing clubs in Switzerland and dozens more throughout the world.  In addition to promoting and volunteering with youth sports internationally, he is an instructor of tactics and intervention techniques and he was named Police Instructor of the Year 2008 in Spain by the Council of Police and Security Experts. Carl continues to contribute to advancing police training worldwide and with the UN.


Cam Kowalski 

Emergency Management and Training Expertise

Cam Kowalski spent over three decades serving in municipal and federal policing roles throughout the country.  During his career, he led some of the largest and most complex security operations in Canadian history, including his role as lead aviation security planner for both the 2010 Olympics as well as the G8/G20 Summits.  He served as the airspace security commander for the multi-agency (NORAD, FAA, Transport Canada, NAVCANADA, CBSA, and CATSA), multi-national effort responsible for the execution of both aviation plans.  Following his retirement from the RCMP in 2018, Cam led the safety and security operations for the Great Canadian Railtour Company, Ltd. (Rocky Mountaineer), which included strategic oversight of all safety, security and emergency management initiatives for the largest private rail company in the world. Cam continues to consult with public safety organizations and contributes as an expert in his field and recently contributed as an operational consultant for the Biden visit to Ottawa, 2023.


Dr. Jonathan Dudek

Training Consultant

Jonathan A. Dudek, Ph.D., C.Psych. was recently the Psychologist Team Lead for Health PEI Mobile Mental Health Service. Jonathan is a forensic psychologist with a national security and law enforcement background who has contributed to Crisis Negotiator and Incident Command training courses offered by MRCS across the Maritimes.  

Inspector Scott Green (ret)

Training Consultant

Peter C_edited.jpg

Dr. Peter Collins

Advising Consultant

Inspector Scott Green (ret) recently retired as the Manager of Corporate and Community Safety for the City of Guelph, overseeing the Emergency Management Program and Bylaw and Security Services. Scott was a 39 year member of the Guelph Police Service including experience as an Incident Commander and Inspector of the Patrol Services, Tactical, Canine, Traffic, Incident Command and Administration Support.  Scott has 11 years of experience as a Tactical Officer and sniper and spent several years managing tactical operations and incident command for the Guelph Police Service.

Dr. Peter Collins has been the forensic psychiatrist with the Ontario Provincial Police, since 1995. From 1990 to 1995 he was a member of the first profiling unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Violent Crime Analysis Section) and was involved in the development of the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System (ViCLAS). Since 1992 he has been a member of the crisis/hostage negotiation team of the Toronto Police Service Emergency Task Force

Peter obtained his Masters in Applied Criminology (MCA) from the University of Ottawa, his Medical Degree from McMaster University and completed his postgraduate medical training in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry at the University of Toronto. His clinical appointment is with the Complex Care and Recovery Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.  Peter is an Associate Professor, in the Division of Forensic Psychiatry, at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine and a Certified Threat Assessment Professional (Canada) through the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. Retired from the Canadian Armed Forces (Reserves), Peter is also an advisor for Toronto Police Service Military Veterens Wellness program.  

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MRCS is Proud to Support the Toronto Police Service  
Military Veterans Wellness Program 


To protect, honour and serve.
Men and women died so we could live, be safe and protected.
In memorium we remember you.
Heroes in Life Not Death.



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