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Monique Rollin Consulting Solutions Inc. assists organizations to not only reach, but exceed their goals. My varied experience helped me to develop a skillset that fits my diverse clientele. These successes, and struggles along the way, are about using learned experiences to draw on; from strategy, to planning, to action.


Learn about some of my past projects below, and get in touch to see what how those successes can assist you.


Canadian Framework for Collaborative Police Response on Sexual Violence

Leading Practices In Canada

I am very proud to be the co-author and team leader responsible for the development of the Canadian Framework for Collaborative Police Response on Sexual Violence for CACP: creating a national model for Canadian Law Enforcement, providing the framework of leading practices to address sexual violence launched in late 2019. 


I am currently contracted with the CACP developing a third national framework on trauma informed response for Canadian Law Enforcement.


Professional Development Solutions

Ontario Association of Emergency Managers

OAEM is a volunteer not-for-profit, professional association representing the interests of Ontario’s multi- disciplinary emergency management whose mission is to advance the modernization of emergency management in Ontario while promoting information exchange, collaboration, networking and professional development opportunities for our member communities. I have provided OAEM Scribe Training for Emergency Operations Centre personnel both in person and virtually since 2020.


Police Promotional Process Development

Independent Consultancy

As a contracted consultant, I was priveleged to develop both competency based and knowledge based questions, evaluator guides, marking rubrics and scoring documents for the Chief of Police of a medium sized Police Service in Ontario. This included development of promotional process packages and policy using both competency based tools and knowledge integration strategies for four key ranks: Constable, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Inspector.


 Critical Incident Commander and Response Training & Critical Incident Response Program Development

Critical Incident Training in Canada

MRCS has developed and delivered accredited Critical Incident Command and Critical Incident Response Training Courses for designated Critical Incident Commanders, Frontline Supervisors who assume command of operations and Tactical Responders for police organizations throughout Canada. This training provides responders with a role specific training program designed for police leaders who are required to assume command of police operations in critical incidents, with the knowledge and skills essential to the effective response, planning, and supervision of operations in various critical situations. 

This customized training focuses on instruction for members at the incident command responsibility level, regardless of rank, to gain the necessary knowledge, skills & judgement essential to effectively plan and direct operations in critical incidents

within the response capacity of their police service.  

MRCS has successfully delivered Critical Incident Commander and Frontline IC training at all responsibility levels to four(4) municipal police services in Saskatchewan,  three (3) municipal services In Manitoba and to over 15 (fifteen) police services from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.

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Police Crisis Negotiator Training & Policy Consultancy

Creating the Triangle

I was an active Crisis Negotiator and CNU Team leader for over 20 years as a serving police officer.  After retirement I continued to train accredited Crisis Negotiators in Ontario with Canadian Critical Incident Inc. and have continued to offer accredited training to crisis negotiators from Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and

Prince Edward Island.

Policy development came next and working with CNU team leaders and Critical Incident Management teams to intergrate Crisis Negotiators into their reponse plans has been a successful next step in developing response autonomy for municpal services in our maritime provinces.


Police Communicator Training Program Design for Police Organizations

Accredited Police Communicator Call Taker / Dispatcher
Training Program

I approached this project carefully, as it was my first undertaking of this scale. I spent significant time on research regarding best practices from PSAB's in North America and the members of this police service, including a full consultation review from trainers, to frontline officers, courts and records, CPIC experts, Human Resources and the communicators themselves.


I studied the industry to create a focused and effective solution and received accolades from the government accreditation body upon submission.   Training Standards for a NINE HUNDRED HOUR training program were developed and accredited by the Ministry of the Solicitor General; along with a full training guide, competency evaluation guide, learner evaluations, trainer manuals, train the trainer courses, lesson plans and assessment tools. This program is underway and being used as a template for

call taker/dispatcher training programs in several services. 


Crisis De-escalation Training 

Mobile Mental Health Teams and Frontline Officer Training
Crisis De-escalation and Intervention for Police Communicators

MRCS has designed and delivered several course offerings for Mobile Mental Health professionals; sworn officers and supporting Mental Health professions including London Police Service's COAST team and several mobile mental health teams staffed by CMHA in south western Ontario.

I am also proud to have developed Crisis Negotiation and Intervention Techniques (CNIT), an advanced training program designed for frontline safety professionals who could benefit from the skills that Law Enforcement Crisis Negotiators use in crisis intervention, de-escalation and techniques used to communicate with people who are in state of crisis, threatening violence or a public safe risk. This CNIT course was reviewed by a consulting Psychologist and was accredited by Wilfred Laurier University for Paradigm Professional Institute in fall of 2022.

In addition, over 100 police officers from the Peterborough Police Service have received de-escalation training to compliment their mandatory in-service training in 2023.

Crisis Intervention and De-escalation for Police Communicators has been a very successful course offering as little training exists for frontline professionals who deal with persons in crisis in almost evey 911 call. MRCS has delivered de-escalation training to over 20 police agencies throughout Canada and the US and reached over 200 police communicators.

MRCS has also worked with the Swiss Police Academy of Savatan Switzerland members to develop training cirriculuum on crisis de-escalation for Swiss police recruits.


Incident Command Scribe Training 

Police Incident Command Scribe Training
Critical Incident Scribe Training: Office of the Fire Marshal

Based on Incident Command Training, MRCS has developed and delivers an Incident Command Scribe Course to provide education and training in the importance of the scribe/recorder function and introduce methods and best practices to develop accurate record keeping and command post management skills. IC Scribes receive much of the same Critical Incident Command instruction as Incident Commanders on incident response appropriate for low frequency/high risk/high stress environments where critical decision making is conducted with information and time limitations in order to become an essential part of the Incident Management Team.

MRCS has delivered IC Scribe training to members from over 20 (twenty) municipal and  provincial police services in Canada including services from Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland (RNC).  Office of The Fire Marshal OFMEM Major Incident Response Team and several Fire Services from Ontario have also received critical incident scribe training that was customized specifically for their  teams. 


Conference & Plenary Speaking Events

Previous Speaking Experience/Training
Intentional Planning Skills
The Ability to Speak to a Hybrid Audience
Personable Storytelling Skills
The Ability to Provide Actionable Takeaways

Conferences are as diverse in their structure and purpose as the speakers on the platform. As a guest speaker, Monique Rollin has provided speaking contributions for Axon Canada in Vancouver at the CACP Innovate Conference 2022, IAWP 2022: International Association of Women Police Conference hosted in Niagara Falls 2022 and will be speaking at:


  • CACP's Critical Incident Management Conference in Ottawa in March of 2023

  • Illinois Association of Hostage Negotiator Conference in April 2023

  • Ontario Association of Police Educators in December 2023


Monique has provided guest lectures and webinar events for Axon Canada, keynote presentations for women's professional organizations & International Women's Day events and is a published author of several articles in Blueline Magazine, HQ Magazine and other Law Enforcement publications including topics on Women in Policing & Leadership.

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